April update: CrossFit Broadbeach

What a busy few months we have had at CrossFit Broadbeach. We are well and truly settled into our new home in Southport now, and while we have far fewer dolphin sightings, it has been wonderful to re-establish the comfortable, home-feel of a CrossFit box.

The CrossFit Open

The Open was a great experience for the box the year. We had many highlights including first Opens, first muscle-ups and some fantastic results. Well done to everyone who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and tackled the Open this year. Thank you to everyone who helped out with judging, supporting and the general smooth running of our Open sessions.

Friday Night Lights

In case you haven’t heard, Fridays have become a social highlight of the week with Friday Night Lights kicking off at 5.30 pm most Fridays. This is our chance to tuck into some great food and enjoy a drink or two. We have been treated to some delicious spreads over the past couple of months including curry night, German sausage fest, killer BBQs, and tacos treats.

Thank you to all the members who have donned their chef hats so far. If you have a great idea for Friday Night Lights, please let Coach Drew know. We will be taking a little break but Friday Night Lights will be back in full force after the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games have finished. If you are an ex-member or friend of CFBB, this is a great chance to stop by and catch up.

Assistant Coaches

You will see some new coaching faces around the gym over the next couple of months. We have a team of Assistant Coaches stepping up to assist with the running of classes. You can look forward to some fresh demo girls and boys as well as additional assistance during your training. Please welcome Annika, Asier, Iago, Gabriel, and Wannette to the team.

Training hours

With Easter and the Commonwealth Games there are a few changes to our training hours during April.

2 April (Easter Monday) – Closed – Gym access for 24/7 members only

3 April – Normal classes

5 – 15 April (GC2018) – 24/7 access available for all members but no scheduled classes. The daily workout will be shared on the board. The coaches will be around most mornings and afternoons and will coordinate training together if we have people turning up at the same time. Details on accessing the gym will be shared in our Facebook members group.

16 April – Normal schedule resumes.

That’s all for now, see you at the box.

Coach Drew