1. I’m not fit enough

So many of our members say that they delayed starting CrossFit because they thought they weren’t fit enough. Here is the crazy thing – CrossFit will get you fit enough to CrossFit! You don’t need to wait until you are fitter, stronger or until you have lost five kilos. All of your workouts are scalable and you can gradually build up the intensity, volume and weight as your skills increase.

2. It’s expensive

Granted CrossFit is not cheap but it is very good value. It is one of the best ways to invest in your health, fitness and all round well being. If you add up the cost of your gym membership and add in a weekly PT session session and most CrossFit memberships will see you well ahead. Although CrossFit is run in small group sessions, any affiliate worth their salt will provide you with an effective and supportive mix of group instruction and personal attention

In addition to the physical benefits, a big value add that CrossFit offers are the same great social and community benefits of any recreational or sporting club. CrossFit and family are often used in the same sentence for a reason. At CrossFit Broadbeach our membership also includes full access to the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre including swimming pools, indoor gym and classes such as yoga, pilates and spin.

3. I have a bad knee/back/shoulder…

CrossFitters come from many different backgrounds and every box will have its share of members carrying pre-existing bad knees, stiff backs, dodgy shoulders and other injuries. CrossFit is fully scalable and can be adapted to suit you and your individual needs. Your knees don’t like impact movements like running? No problem, hop on the rower instead.

Your coach will always be focused on your safety and well being as a top priority and they will have the skills and background to adapt the workout for you. Some people worry that this means they aren’t doing ‘real’ CrossFit and they won’t get the same benefits but every single athlete scales and adapts the workout to suit their skills and abilities. Real CrossFit is you working to the best of your ability with what you have. Many members even find that the improve strength and mobility alleviates some of the symptoms around pre-existing issues.

4. It’s intimidating

You think of CrossFit and you think of a lot of super ripped muscle-heads who live by cliches like ‘no pain, no gain’ or ‘blood, sweat and tears.’ While you will certainly find a couple of six packs around the place, CrossFit affiliates are filled with a diverse range of people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities who are there to train hard and do their best. Six pack or not, almost every person you meet will be excited to welcome you to the CrossFit community.

Whether you are lifting 100kg or working with an empty barbell, the great thing about CrossFit is that every single person at the box will be just as encouraging, supportive and impressed by your effort.

5. I’ve been meaning to…

The elusive someday or I’ll start tomorrow is one of the biggest derailers of dreams and goals. If you have been thinking about ‘giving it a go’ or have been ‘meaning to’ call your local affiliate, the time is now. So many of our members wish they had started sooner. Starting is the hardest part so put your excuses aside and just turn up. Make today the day you turn your intentions into action – we can’t wait to see you.