CrossFit Broadbeach is very pleased to offer our members open gym training for greater flexibility and extended opportunities to train. Many of our member have new families, varied working hours and other commitments that can make it hard to get to training as frequently as they would like. Open gym allows members to train at a time that suits them anytime during the standard Gold Coast Aquatic Centre operating hours (and outside of CFBB class times).

This is available to all CrossFit Broadbeach members. If you are a new or beginner member you can chat to the coaches to confirm the process and to check that you are comfortable with the movements and equipment.

With more than 25 classes on offer each week, we’re sure that most members will be able to find a class time that suits them for most of their training (and we know that one of the biggest things most people enjoy about CFBB is the social aspect and the camaraderie with other members). However, open gym is a great option for members who can’t attend regular class times on a particular day or even for extended periods.

Open gym is for members to complete the daily WOD as programmed by CFBB (or CoachRX training for those members who are signed up to the CoachRX program). Members cannot make up their own programming or complete external programs during open gym. If you wish to undertake additional CFBB strength programs, specific skills work or rehab/accessory work prescribed by a health professional we are very happy to accommodate this but it must be discussed and cleared with Coach Drew first.

The open gym process is straightforward. Simply sign the open gym attendance book at the front desk when you arrive and record your results on the board if you are completing the daily WOD.

The rules are just as simple – put away all equipment you use and tidy up after yourself (including chalk, sweat, and blood spills). Members must workout within our gym space and cannot use the pool, pool side or parklands during open gym. Workouts must be finished and all equipment put away before the start of scheduled class times.

CFBB is very excited to offer this additional service to its members. Please have a chat to your coaches if you have any questions.