1.  Booking a class – Use the ZEN planner APP on your smart phone to book in for a class or via our website.
  2. Check In – On your arrival you will need to check in at the Kiosk desk
  3. Late arrivals – If you are more than 5 minutes late without messaging us you will be asked to wait until the next available class.
    • *We appreciate that getting to class on time can be difficult due to parking, please ensure you leave enough time to make it to the start of class on time! The coaches have been instructed to not take any late arrivals. If you are running late message us and we will let you join in.
  4. Booking in for other programs
    • Beginners / Technical classes – Book in the day before due to limited numbers
    • CrossFit Cubs – (Cubs need their parent or guardian’s to book in and check in for them). Book in the day before due to limited numbers.
    • Fire Breathers – Book in the day before due to limited numbers
    • *Due to the limited spots available in theses programs booking in prior is essential.
  5. PT
    • Initial ½ hr consults are free – By appointment only Book in via Web site
  6. Nutrition coach
    • Initial ½ hr consults are free – By appointment only Book in via Web site
  1. Going away? putting your membership on hold?  – You can only put your membership on hold if you are going away for more than 4 weeks.
  2. On hold fee – there is a strict $50 on hold fee applied at the start of your on hold term.
  3. Automatic re-activation of your membership once you come off hold – unless you email us with more details of an extension of your break or on hold period, your membership will automatically reactivate.
  4. Failure to notify us of any changes – will not be CFBB’s responsibility and any payments taken out after you come off hold will not be refunded.
  1. No refunds – of any type are available.
  2. 2 weeks Notice -If you fail to notify us of your cancellation via cancellation form within 2 weeks of your next payment you will be charged your next installment.
  3. Cancellation fee – Admin fee $30
  4. Admin Drops  – CrossFit Broadbeach reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time if we deem you have broken any house rules, policies or stepped outside the boundaries of our operations. No refunds or credit will be given if this occurs.
  • All persons on this membership must go through an induction process.
  • A $50 fob fee is required to be paid as a deposit prior access.
  • Loss of Fobs or non-return of Fobs will include another $50
  • Members must sign and agree to the safety guidelines and operating procedures set by CrossFit Broadbeach staff and management.
  1. Standard rule No.1 – Don’t be a dickhead – break this rule and your membership will be canceled on the spot.
  2. Put your gear away ALWAYS!
  3. Clean up after yourself – wipe chalk and sweat up and off all equipment. Use the mop and wipes provided.
  4. Encourage everyone – ALWAYS!!!
  5. Never coach anyone – EVER!!!!
  6. 24/7 Open Gym access members must leave the box as they found it prior leaving.
  7. Respect your coaches – Listen, learn, grow
  8. Respect your fellow CFBB Members say hello, introduce yourself to new members, make them feel welcome.
  9. Ask the coaches for help if you don’t understand the program stimulus
  10. Never ask a fellow CFBB member if you don’t understand the program or the stimulus.
  11. Work on mechanics, consistency then intensity – Always
  12. Avoid overreaching this will only lead to injury – If in doubt listen to what your coaches told you the first time.
By reading and signing below:

1) I agree that CrossFit Broadbeach, their Instructors or Personal Trainers or his or her agents, are in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend the CrossFit Broadbeach premises, their classes or private coaching/personal training sessions or any events/workshops held by CrossFit Broadbeach

2) I understand that classes, private coaching/personal training sessions and events/workshops held at/by CrossFit Broadbeach may be physically strenuous and I voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is a risk of personal injury, property loss or death. I agree not to hold CrossFit Broadbeach their Instructors or Personal Trainers or his or her agents responsible for any injuries that may arise from partaking in this an exercise session.

3) I agree that I do not have any injuries or physical ailments that would prevent me from undertaking an exercise session and that I undertake this exercise at my own risk. I further agree that if I do have any injuries or physical ailments, that I have sought qualified professional advice, and that I am able to exercise without risk to myself. I agree to notify CrossFit Broadbeach their Manager and their Instructors or Personal Trainers in writing of any previous, current


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