review1-compressor “As a competitive Water Ski racer I need to be in top physical condition. I started with Drew and the team at CFBB back in 2009, I absolutely love the community and the friends I’ve made over that time. CFBB is my 2nd home. I’ve had my fair share of injuries during my racing career and I’m forever grateful for the support Drew and the CrossFit Broadbeach community has shown me in some of my darkest hours.  (Joel suffered 2 major injuries while water skiing 1 was life-threatening). CrossFit Broadbeach has provided me with a home but also a place that I could rehab from my injuries.”
– Joel Massey

review1-compressor “As a mum and an avid fitness person I came across CrossFit Broadbeach and thought I would just give it a try as unstructured unsupervised gym sessions were just not working for me. Being an athlete of a certain age (ok, I’m nearly 50), I thought I’d be intimidated by all the young, fit looking athletes but they weren’t intimidating at all in.  In fact, everyone was super nice and I felt right at home from the very first session. During all of my workouts – whether they are scaled (adjusted) or not – the coaches always push me to strive for excellence and I’ve seen some amazing results and gained many new skills.  The coaches at CrossFit Broadbeach are highly skilled and always look after me – Coach Drew, Thati, and Carly are simply the best and I don’t know what I’d do without their continued support and ongoing encouragement.  Apart from the fantastic improvement in my fitness and health, the new friends I’ve made and the community vibe at CFBB keep me going back for more.  I just wish I’d found CFBB ten years ago!!”
– Jody Redler

“Physical activity has always been a part of my life and when I found out about CrossFit in 2014 I completely fell in love with it. Not only the conditioning aspect of it but the lifestyle as well. When moving from Brazil to Australia in the end of 2016, my wife and I thought that joining a box was a good way to insert ourselves in the local community. Little did we know that in CrossFit  Broadbeach we would have much more than that. Excellent coaching, lots of high-level athletes and a family vibe. Even with the great infrastructure, it feels like the friendly.”
– Thyr Rodrigues

review1-compressor “CrossFit Broadbeach has helped me get back to full strength and Drew continues to improve my fitness by encouraging me to just turn up every day. My History – I was a runner and I was diagnosed with unstable angina & coronary artery disease at 44. I had 2 stents in 2011 & I started doing CrossFit with The Team at CFBB to increase my health. I had further heart problems and after more surgery & another stent and a little time away I couldn’t wait to get the all clear from my doctors to get back into CrossFit Broadbeach. It’s been a little over 12 months now and It’s scary to think where I’d be if it wasn’t for the support of the CFBB community and coaches. Thanks Drew, Thati & Team CFBB. ”
– Brad Legassick

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